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Refund Policy

Payment Method

We entertain refunds except on a few methods of payments; Bank wire transfers, Western Union payments, Checks and Money orders. If you use any of these payment methods, any relevant credit will be posted to your hosting account in lieu of a refund.

Money-back Guarantee.
Hostgainer considers money back Guarantee on certain conditions. You are permitted to cancel an account any time, but if you want to get a refund you should have cancelled the account within thirty days (30) of the beginning term and you must send an email to If you have proved the above-mentioned cases you will receive a full refund of all basic shared, VPS and reseller hosting fees previously paid by you to Hostgainer for the initial term. Refunds will only be dispensed for basic shared, VPS and reseller hosting services and will not cover administrative fees, install fees for custom software or other setup fees, nor will they carry any fees for any other extra services. Refund amount will be credited to registered bank account with in 30 days of receiving refund request mail.Money Back Guarantee Refunds will not accumulate, and shall not be paid under any conditions, if you do not present the appropriate Refund Request within the Notice Period.

Refund Eligibility.
Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. For instance, if you already have an account with us before which you terminated and signed up again, or if you have begun a second account with us, you will not be eligible for a refund. A breaking of this Agreement will suspend your rights under the refund policy.

Non-refundable Products and Services.
There are non-refundable cases also. There are no refunds on dedicated servers, administrative fees, and install fees for custom software. Also, no refund will be granted for domain name cancellation.

Cancellation Process.
You are permitted to discontinue the services by sending mail to n following circumstance: (i) You shall be committed to pay all fees and charges gathered prior to the effectiveness of such cancellation and (ii) Hostgainer may, in our individual preference, refund all pre-paid fees for basic hosting services for the full months remaining after the effectiveness of such cancellation (i.e. no partial month fees shall be refunded) less any setup fees, applicable taxes and any discount applied for prepayment, presented that you are not in violation of this Agreement.

Hostgainer have the right to terminate your access to the Services, in whole or in part, without notification in the event that: (i) You fail to pay any fees due; (ii) You break this Agreement; (iii) Your conduct may harm Hostgainer or others or cause Hostgainer or others to incur accountability, as determined by Hostgainer in our sole discretion; or (iv) As otherwise specified in this Agreement. In such kinds of events, Hostgainer is not going to refund any fees paid in credit of such termination. Therefore, you shall be committed to pay all the charges gathered prior to the effectiveness of such termination. In addition to this, Hostgainer may charge you for all fees due for the Services for the outstanding part of the then-current term.


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